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Why us

  • Cost simple and no hidden fees.
    No doubt casting on potential untold fees.
  • Hassle free communication
    No language barriers and thus no worries about lengthy and exhausting discussion to eliminate gap or discrepancy.
  • One stop service
    You can be homed in on your business developing.
  • Our business is to help your business!



Our team, like yours, is dedicated to applying ingenious solutions to real-world problems. Let us confidently handle intellectual property considerations, including:


  • Patent preparation and prosecution
  • Patent audits
  • Patent mapping
  • Patent opinions and reviews
  • Patent litigation
  • Mediation and dispute resolution
  • Technology licensing
  • Intellectual property transactions and technology transfer
  • Corporate due diligence
  • Tax

3 「I」s we have:

  • Integrity

    We dedicate ourselves to provide customized and optimized services. We see clients’ needs and tell truth with dignity.

  • Innovation-

    Solving problem is a story; solving problem in an efficient manner is absolutely another.     

    We provide innovative solutions both by creative juices flowing AND helpful tools.

  • Integration-

   We are partners to clients. We aim to provide versatile service commencing from IP portfolio, to commercialization, and legal actions, in Taiwan and globally.


Trademarks for your brand are valuable to your business.

The toils and moils you’ve put into building your brand and reputation are a cornerstone to your prosperity—Count on the Origin teams to defend them.

Origin stands out among firms for its rare combination of trial experience and subject matter expertise. With our expertise, we ensure clients receive protection on aspects of:
-Filing trademark registration and managing registration renewals.
-Managing contested proceedings before trademark offices, such as office actions, trademark oppositions, and invalidation proceedings
– Representing clients in trademark infringement litigation matters
-Structuring and negotiating commercial agreements involving trademarks, such as license agreements, distribution agreements and collaboration agreements
-Strategic advice on registrability in both domestic and international markets
-Prioritizing registration strategies and budgeting for trademark portfolio development and growth
-Assisting client’s in brand enforcement efforts, such as creating programs to address issues with counterfeit goods and rogue website

Many firms have intellectual property, trademark, and copyright lawyers, but very few have a team of experienced consultants teaming up with business owners like you working continuously to preserve your vital elements in branding.
What we could do furthermore to help your business:
-Launch your Amazon business
-Strategic IP structuring
-Product design