About Origin

Origin Patent & Trademark Firm , located in central Taiwan, provides intellectual property, trademark, legal counsel, trade related services for companies, institutes, and educational units from Taiwan, America, Europe, and Japan.

Our senior, qualified engineers and attorneys have backgrounds collectively spanning the entire range of traditional patent specialties, including physic, biological sciences , electrical engineering, IT and pharmaceuticals.
From start-ups to large corporates, we help businesses protect, enforce and maximize the value of their intellectual property. We are experienced in assisting our clients with comprehensive IP management strategies, composition of IP portfolios, risk minimization at reasonable costs and advisory on IP and trademark.

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Origin Patent & Trademark Office is carefully dealing with business information/ technical disclosure that clients reveal to us. Protecting and creating the biggest profit for our clients has been put on top of our list. We provide customized service by probing into clients’ purpose and demands so that we can support clients with the best profit-optimized plans, and thus serving clients with integrity.

Based on this, the invention patent approval rate in our case filed in Taiwan and the USA is over 85%, leading to many of our clients having completed patent sales and licenses. This proves the value and the quality of our service brings our clients remarkable profits on the path of getting their innovations not only protected but also lucrative.


Origin Patent & Trademark Office served SMEs as a jumping-off point. As time goes by, we have received honorable reputations as a seasoned and professional partner in understanding SMEs perfectly.

Apart from providing intellectual property services, Origin Patent & Trademark Office integrates Law Firm and Accountancy Firm, providing more versatile services in the realm of law. Furthermore, we are developing overseas integrating service and have established alliances in America, Japan, Germany, and Australia, in supporting  Taiwan and foreign applicants to roll out brand and product promotions after obtaining intellectual property rights.


We’ve developed:

1. W1: To minimize risks and reduce administrative costs in the process of manage your patent/trademark portfolio. This system sends notification regularly, providing applicants with the statutory due date of cases.
2. TRASC: Having trouble managing your work and co-working? A PMIS built for dealing with such. Deliver dominating efficiency in project management and co-working archive.
3. Matrixy: Matrixy automatically analyze and refine latest patent specification, spare your time from patent search. With Matrixy, an alive patent map, customarily made for you. Handling the millions of patent publications/information with a simple click.