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The Mini LED, also known as “sub-millimeter light emitting diode,” was first proposed by Epistar to refer to LEDs with a size of about 100 micrometer.Mini LED is a transitional technology between traditional LED and Micro LED, and is an improved version of traditional LED backlight. In terms of manufacturing process Mini LED has higher yield rate compared with Micro LED thus makes Mini LED have better color rendering performance. For LCD panels, Mini LED technology enables more categories of HDR, and Mini LED products can be as thin as OLED ones, saving power as well. Mini LEDs are used for backlight applications in power-saving, thinner, HDR, and notch design displays, for example, displays of smartphones, TVs. According to the cost estimate, cost of a LCD panel with Mini LED backlight is about only 70-80% of that of OLED TV panel, but the performances in contrast are similar.

In general, Micro LED, a revolutionary next-generation display technology, will make significant improvements for the image quality, but the current technology is not mature enough to be the mainstream of market.